Christian Alcohol Rehab

Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers focus on providing a faith-based rehabilitation for individuals with substance abuse issues.  The goal is to provide healing through Christian principles, as well as traditional methods.

Christian alcohol rehab works at treating the whole person, not just the physical person, but the spiritual and mental parts as well.  Many Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers will employ the 12-steps to facilitate recovery as well.  Usually these 12-steps are modified from traditional verbiage to include Christian values and Bible quotes.

Many Christian alcohol rehab treatment centers are affiliated with religious organizations such as the Salvation Army, Calvary Chapel, Saddleback Church or Catholic Charities. Saddleback’s Celebrate Recovery program, for example,  is active in over 3,500 churches across the nation.  Many times the centers will incorporate groups for codependents, adult children of addicts, and those in need of anger management training.

Often the 12-step groups will introduce addicts to a “higher power” as a means of recovery, as they do not want to offend anyone.  However, the Christian alcohol rehab treatment centers state that Jesus Christ and God are that higher power and the focus point for Christian-based sobriety.

Several treatment methods will be employed at a Christian alcohol rehab center, including, but not limited to:

  • Detoxification
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Bible study groups
  • Prayer groups
  • Traditional medical, psychological and social treatment models

One of the advantages of Christian alcohol rehab is that the substance abuser will be around like-minded individuals with a common goal of healing, through the power of God and Jesus Christ.  The cohesive group atmosphere that is focused on spiritual healing is beneficial to Believers.
Alcohol addiction is tough and breaking out of that addiction takes a lot of hard work.  The rewards of breaking free will far outweigh remaining in the addiction.  Christian alcohol rehab will give the addict the tools needed to deal with the pressures of life and the temptation to fall back into old patterns and lifestyles.  Most will focus on getting the family involved in the healing process, and this will aid in the healing of the family unit through prayer and Christian teachings.