Christian Drug Rehab Programs

Christian drug rehab programs teach how to use the Bible for help when future temptations are confronted. They also provide a foundation of emotional and spiritual healing for the addict, along with accountability.

It is important to know that a Christian rehab program utilizes the effective treatments used in secular rehabs such as medical treatment where appropriate, counseling, cognitive behavior modification therapy and peer group sessions. Where the Christian drug rehab programs differ are through the additional use of scriptures, the power of Jesus Christ to heal the spiritual destruction of an addiction, and the healing of the spiritual failure that allowed the addiction to take place.

Someone entering a Christian rehab center is usually physically dependent on drugs or alcohol and they will first need to undergo a medically supervised period of detoxification. The first step to recovery is the detox process.

Christian rehab uses medical science and all available tools to get the addict through this difficult process as safely and humanely as possible. Medications will be administered and monitored to ease the addictís suffering. The physical dependence must end before the spiritual healing can begin.

The philosophy behind Christian drug rehab programs is that while traditional methods of rehabilitation are necessary and a worthwhile part of the recovery process, they alone are not enough. It is important for the addict to understand their drug dependency and what happens to the body during their addiction. They need to understand how best to avoid future dependency as well.

Drug education is a part of all rehab programs. Christian drug rehab programs offer knowledge and strength to the addict through educational seminars. This knowledge empowers the addict and helps prevent relapses.

Cognitive behavioral therapies increase the probability of a successful re-entry into society through changed behaviors. Cognitive therapy is used to root out the triggers that lead to abuse and teaches life skills to avoid this type of situation. There are coping techniques that call for personal responsibility and accountability when confronted by risky situations.

Christian drug rehab programs use cognitive behavioral therapy to establish a skill set to stay drug and alcohol free for the long term. Additional spiritual help and teachings are also part of the program. Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior, find strength in God’s love and forgiveness to help them rebuild their lives.

By healing the spirit, true recovery will begin. Only by submitting to the strength and love of Jesus Christ is true rehabilitation possible. Addiction is a disease and we are powerless over that disease without God’s divine intervention. Christian drug rehab programs show the addict how to depend on Jesus Christ for strength and guidance to live a life free from drugs or alcohol.

Another component of an effective program is the discipline of prayer. Scriptures are provided to give strength to addicts suffering from the spiritual despair of addiction. Scriptures teach about God’s unconditional love, His willingness to comfort, and His forgiveness for past transgressions.