Christian Drug Treatment Programs

The American Medical Association (AMA) defines alcoholism and drug addiction as a disease.  It is a chronic, debilitating and sometimes fatal disease.  Often those struggling with an addiction will want to punish themselves for lack of character, or will power.

Addicts may feel that they have failed God and their loved ones.  The weight of that failure can be crushing to their spirit.  Alcohol and drug addiction are symptomatic of underlying issues.  These issues may involve a chemical imbalance, or an emotional disturbance from painful memories, trauma or abuse. Christian drug treatment programs may be the answer.

Many addicts find that their recovery is somewhat easier when assisted by the teachings of God’s Word.  Why is that?  What makes Christian drug treatment programs more effective for some than traditional treatment programs?  Both treatment programs are good and both are successful.

The difference lies within the needs of the individual patient.  Every drug addict is different and each recovery is different.  Recovery is very personal and  what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

Primarily, traditional treatment programs approach recovery by teaching addicts new, good habits that they can use to replace their older, more destructive habits.  The Christian drug treatment programs focus on creating a safe environment for the addict to open up and talk about his addiction while working to get sober and stay sober.

A built-in supportive community is central to Christian drug treatment programs.  The community is made up of people with similar beliefs who are currently going through the same type of recovery, or have already been through everything that a drug addict will experience in recovery.  Coupled with this type of supportive community are Bible study and the philosophies of Jesus Christ, which provide a solid foundation that is not always found in a traditional recovery center.

A Christian drug rehab center will work with patients to help them realize that they are not alone as they work toward sobriety or to free themselves from drug dependency.  Bible study and regular church attendance, along with a variety of therapies will provide the necessary tools to inspire an addict to overcome their addiction.  The support system is never lost as the patient can easily join a church within their local community as they work through their treatment and healing.

You may have a better chance of achieving freedom from addictions when you choose Christian drug treatment programs, as opposed to one that is not faith-based.