Christian Pornography Addiction Help

It’s a tragedy for the Church of today. Experts tell us that addiction to pornography is prevalent in over half of the men who attend church regularly. Are you one of these men? If so, you now know that you are far from alone in this struggle.  With the easy access to pornographic images online and on television, the problem is staggering.

What you need to know is that Christian pornography help is available right now, through local churches, recovery groups, ministry organizations, counselors and even online forums. When you are ready to take the first step, there are many caring people ready to help.

How Pornography Addiction Takes Hold

Pornography addiction usually starts around puberty. The person begins to experiment with images, fantasies, objects, or even people. The highest level of endorphins and enkephalins (neurotransmitters) are released into the body upon climax, flooding the excitement center of the brain and creating a high that is four times stronger than heroin!

With this type of consistent behavior, whatever is being imagined or viewed will be reinforced, thus creating neurological pathways in the brain and subsequently conditioning the body to become aroused by these stimuli.

Pornography addiction has become a problem of epic proportions for men, in the age of the internet. But men must know that they can be released from the guilt, shame and emotional drain that this compulsion causes them.

Common among sex addicts, both anxiety and depression are lessened in recovery and a feeling of wholeness can be restored.

Three Keys to Recovery

Counseling for Addiction

Christian pornography help is available from many people and programs. Focus on the Family, for example, has outreach for all types of addictions, including pornography.

Churches often have trained counselors on staff, or they can recommend good Christian counselors who are grounded in the Word of God and have answers to your questions. Gateway Church, for example, has a counseling ministry outreach that is specific to men and pornography addictions.  (see the addiction help resources link above)

It is important to know that God is able to redeem the years of struggle that an addict has lost. We are liable and accountable for getting the healing and help we need in our lives.

Recovery Literature

You need to retrain your brain. Locate Bible-based recovery literature to help the recovery process. There are many men’s ministries that deal with this issue. Search bookstores for books by Christian authors on pornography recovery.

Get Support From Others

Join a Christian men’s discussion group. We have already mentioned that 50-80% of church going men are addicted to pornography. You are not alone in your struggles. You need the support and prayers of men who have successfully overcome this addiction.

Christian pornography help is available from many sources. Find someone you trust and ask for their guidance in starting the recovery process.